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HCR 219 - Petition Letter

Dear Member of Congress:

On July 27, exactly one week after the Pentagon released its annual assessment report on China's military power, Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ) introduced HCR219 calling for the enhancement of Taiwan's security by upgrading U.S.-Taiwan high-level military visits.

The American policy of deterring Beijing from using military force against Taiwan and reassuring Taipei in its dealings with the mainland has facilitated peace for the past several decades. The policy has increasingly been put in jeopardy though by the ongoing development of China's military power.

The DOD report concluded that “[t]he cross-Strait balance of power is shifting towards Beijing . . . Chinese air, naval and missile force modernization is increasing demands on Taiwan to develop countermeasures that would enable it to avoid being quickly overwhelmed.”

The serious lack of direct communication between senior military officials in the U.S. and Taiwan needs to be addressed immediately. This is not only in Taiwan's interest but also in U.S. interest, because the current restrictions would pose a great danger to American soldiers who might be asked to put their lives on the line if and when a conflict arises in the Taiwan Strait.

Removing an outdated restriction on defense cooperation with Taiwan is a sensible step to take in light of this new threat.

I would appreciate if you would co-sponsor this important resolution by calling Robert Knotts at 225-6501 or by sending an e-mail to

Sincerely yours,

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