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    Aegis Sale

  • HCR 219 (Introduced by Congressman Robert Andrews on July 27, 2005)

          FAPA Press Release (07/28/05)

          Text of the resolution

          Petition Letter

  • Aegis Destroyer (April 2001)

Every April, U.S. makes decision on arms sales to Taiwan. This year, Taiwan has requested Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) Aegis destroyers, an advanced air defense and battle management system along with other  advanced arms articles. While National Missile Defense (NMD) aims to deter missiles attack from U.S. homeland, Theater Missile Defense (TMD) that includes Aegis destroyer platform aims to protect U.S. allies around the world from similar missile attacks. Aegis will be the most powerful navy defense platform for Taiwan to survive under China's missile threats.

As Qian Qichen is visiting Washington on March 21, a month before the arms decision, he specially comes here to lobby against Aegis sales to Taiwan. Secretary of State, Colin Powell, in the Senate hearing earlier in March reiterated U.S. six assurances that U.S. will not consult with China in advance before making decisions about U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. It implicitly tells the Chinese in advance that we will not talk about arms sales to Taiwan with you on your trip. Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense and Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State, both have been strong supporters of arms sales to Taiwan since Reagan Administration.     

FAPA has launched a campaign to urge the Congress to support the arms sales.

(1)  The Aegis letter:  It is initiated by House of Representatives Christopher Cox (R-CA) and David Wu ( D-OR)  and Senators Jesse Helms (R-NC) and Robert Toricelli (D-NJ). The letter aims to ask the administration to sell Aegis to Taiwan. FAPA is now gathering signatures from Congressmen. 

(2) Andrews Resolution: House of Representative Robert Andrews (D-NJ) introduced a legislation on March 20 to support selling advanced weapons to Taiwan and urge Chinese leaders to publicly renounce the use of force toward Taiwan. 

We need your help to tell your Congressmen that you are very concerned about this issue! 

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