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    Aegis Sales - Relevant Articles

FAPA's Op-Ed in Taiwan's media (You need Chinese software to read them)

Liberty Times, April 2

China Times, April 11

FAPA members' Letters to the Editor

Senators taken to task for timid Taiwan stance (Washington Times, March 30, 2001)  

U.S. policy towards Taiwan   (Philadelphia Inquirer, March 30 2001)

Arms Sale to Taiwan (Austin American-Statesman, March 31, 2001)

Re: "China tries to exploit plane incident" ( St. Louis Post-Disptach, April 5, 2001)

U.S. should sell Aegis to Taiwan (The News Journal, Wilmington, Delaware,.April 5, 2001)

Dear China: We’re even more sorry (Cincinnati Enquirer, April 8, 2001)

China Must Apologize (Contra Costa News, April 14, 2001)

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