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Petition Letter to Co-sponsor HCR 70


Dear Member of Congress:

On December 29, 2004 the Standing Committee of the Chinese National People’s Congress voted to submit a new Anti-Secession Law to the full Congress (which will convene on March 5, 2005.) The law mandates a military attack on Taiwan if Taiwan formally declares independence. The law echoes the provisions of a Defense Policy White Paper that Beijing released two days earlier in which it threatens to “crush” Taiwan if the island declares independence, and that it is the “sacred responsibility” of the PRC army to stop Taiwan from “splitting the country.”

On February 17, Rep. Chabot introduced HCR70 concluding that: “the Government of the United States should strongly oppose the anti-secession legislation of the People’s Republic of China, as it will alter the status quo in the region, and thus is a grave concern to the United States.”

I write to you today to ask that you contact Kevin Fitzpatrick at 5-2216 to become a co-sponsor of this important resolution.

China’s Anti-Secession Law not only constitutes an extremely provocative move which will heighten the already tense situation in the Taiwan Strait, it also directly challenges current US policy that there should be no unilateral attempt to change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and that the cross-Strait relationship should be determined by peaceful means.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or call the Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) at 202-547-3686 or visit

Thank you very much for your support of Taiwan.


Sincerely yours,











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