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 Congressman Robert Andrews' interview with Taiwan's radio station, ICRT.

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MDK ICRT   10/19/2009

S.L. Just weeks before President Obama is set to visit Mainland China, a Taiwan ally has introduced a sense of Congress resolution on Taiwan’s freedom, security and stability.  ICRT Washington Correspondent Matt Kaye reports…

M.K. House Armed Services Committee’s Robert Andrews introduced a measure similar to one he first proposed in 2005, that the future of Taiwan should be determined “with the express consent of the people of Taiwan”—not by PRC coercion.

          Andrews’ measure cites “grave concern” over China’s missile build-up, that requires a PRC “renunciation” of the “use of force” against Taiwan.  And as Barack Obama heads to Beijing next month…Andrew’s timing is no coincidence: 

          121 Andrews  “I’m always concerned about this issue, of selling Taiwan down the river…and I think, because of the presidential visit, this is a very important time for Taiwan’s defenders to go on the record, as saying, her freedom is non-negotiable.”  :14

           Some reports indicate Beijing will demand of Obama a halt to US weapons sales to Taiwan, as a pre-condition for any stepped-up PRC-US military to military cooperation.

O.C. Matt Kaye, ICRT News, Washington

S.L. A key Congressional Democrat on Taiwan issues expects President Obama to make key Taiwan arms sales decisions after his November trip to Mainland China.  ICRT Washington Correspondent Matt Kaye reports…

M.K. New Jersey Democrat…Taiwan Caucus member and Armed Services panel member Robert Andrews says the timing of arms sales to Taiwan should NOT depend on the timing of “any trip by anyone to the Mainland.”  It should depend on their “strategic necessity.”

          But Andrews agrees with analysts, sales are more likely after President Obama’s PRC visit next month…

          311 ANDREWS   “…because I think the administration, the President, will see that the Chinese rhetoric is not by accident…that they have a rather bellicose position toward Taiwan…it needs to be taken seriously…and therefore the defense of Taiwan needs to be taken seriously.”  :17

          Taiwan officials continue to press for the US to sell it 66 advanced F-16 fighters, plus more Black Hawk helicopters and PAC 3 missiles left out of last year’s sale.

O.C. Matt Kaye, ICRT News, Washington


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