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HCR 512 - EU's Plans to Lift the Embargo on Arms Sale to China



STEP 1: Dial the number of the DC office of your member of the House of Representatives. (Not your Senator.) If you do not know the phonenumber, go to, or check FAPA's Congressional handbook, or call FAPA HQ at 202-547-3686.

When the telephone is picked up, ask if you can speak with the Foreign Affairs Aide. If you are told that he or she is not in, ask if you can leave a message on his or her answering machine.

STEP 2: Leave the following message:

Hi, this is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR CITY] in [YOUR STATE]               

I am a Taiwanese American constituent of the Congress(wo)man and I am calling you today to ask that the Congress(wo)man co-sponsors HCR 512 which urges the President to seek a commitment from the European Union that they won't lift their arms embargo against the People's Republic of China this coming December.

Because lifting the embargo will tip the balance of power in the Taiwan Strait in China's favor. Also, the ban was initiated by the EU as a response to the 1989 Tiananmen massacre. Lifting the ban will send the message to China and the rest of the world that the killings at Tiananmen have been forgotten. So, the EU must not lift the arms sale embargo to China.

Again, we would appreciate very much if the Congress(wo)man would co-sponsor this important resolution by calling Kevin Fitzpatrick at Congressman Chabot's office at 225-2216.

If you have any questions please call me back at [YOUR PHONENUMBER.]

Thank you for your support for Taiwan.

STEP 3: If you actually get the foreign affairs aide on the phone talk to him or her along the lines of the message described under STEP 2.

Good luck!

Any questions? Please email: