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           Support Taiwan!  Ask your Members of Congress to co-sponsor HCR 346!


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Dear readers:

It is urgent that you urge your Congressmen to support it. Below is a template letter. Please print it out, fill in your name, address etc, and FAX it to your Representative' office. etc. (NOTE: not to your Senator.)

The template letter will fit on one page.  You do not need to attach the resolution.

Why by fax? Due to the fact that a letter to Capitol Hill still takes over 3-4 weeks, and because we feel that Congressional offices do not pay sufficient attention to the thousands of e-mails they receive each and every day, fax is the weapon of choice. Reminder though: Do not "flood" your Congressional office with faxed petitions. Then you will irritate the Congressional staff and our effort will backfire. And, we ask that you follow up with the Foreign Affairs Aide, making sure he or she has received your letter.

Go to to find the fax number of your Representative. Or click here:

Good luck and call FAPA HQ at 202-547-3686 if you have any questions!

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Dear Representative _______________________ :

As a constituent of yours, I write to you today about the following issue which is very important to Taiwanese Americans and the people of Taiwan.

On February 16, Reps. Jim Ramstad and William Jefferson introduced HCR346 calling for a U.S-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement. The resolution concludes that “the United States should increase trade opportunities with Taiwan by launching negotiations to enter into a free trade agreement with Taiwan.”

Taiwan is a gateway to Asia and America's 8th largest trading partner, creating some US$64 billion in two-way trade per year. Studies by the US International Trade Commission show that US exports to Taiwan would grow at a rate of approximately 16% per year if and when an FTA is concluded.

Taiwan is also a major player in the IT and computer sector (some 80% of all laptops in the world are manufactured in Taiwan), as well as an upcoming player in areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology. Partnering with Taiwan companies would give a competitive edge to US R&D in those areas.

Additionally, an FTA would strengthen U.S. ties with a major democratic ally, and enhance stability and peace in the region. It would also help Taiwan break out of its isolation in the regional trade integration which China tries to impose on the island ("ASEAN plus 3").

Please contact Adam Peterman at 225-2871 ( to co-sponsor this important and time-sensitive resolution. June 2007 is the deadline for the FTA to qualify for "Fast Track" treatment. So, before June 2007, the FTA needs to be on the priority agenda of the President. The formal negotiation
process needs to be started by April 2007.

Thank you very much for your support for Taiwan!








Any questions? Please email: