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Highlights on issues about Taiwan in Sandy Berger's Speech at Columbia University

PNTR is especially important for our ability to play a constructive role on the issue of Taiwan, particularly at this critical time. Since 1979, we have tried to maintain stability across the Taiwan Strait, by recognizing one China, encouraging a peaceful resolution of differences,

and promoting dialogue. China, Taiwan -- and our relationship with both -- have benefited.

Chen Shui-bian, the newly-elected President of Taiwan, recognizes this reality. He knows that good U.S.-China relations are vital for Taiwan's own security because each benefit from a stable environment. PNTR also is very important for Taiwan economically. Taiwan companies export products from China and benefit from a strong Chinese economy. When China joins the WTO, so will Taiwan. With both in the WTO, economic ties will grow, and so will the costs of confrontation. It is important to understand that Taiwan supports China's membership in the WTO, and is urging us to grant PNTR.

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