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Press release. For immediate release.

Rep. Sherrod Brown Questions Reno's National Security List: Clarification on the Naming of Taiwan Sought.

June 5, 2000- Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) sent a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno asking for clarification of Taiwan's inclusion on the National Security List document released publicly on May 24. Issued on March 8, 1999 Reno says in the document: "I hereby designate the following countries as country threats under NSL for 1999/2000," then goes on to list 13 countries: Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serb-controlled Bosnia, Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and Taiwan.

In his letter, Brown said that "As a Member of House of Representatives International Relations Committee, I am concerned about Taiwan's international position and participation. I am troubled that Taiwan is on this list, especially since there are other countries known to spy on the United States."

According to the letter, U.S. intelligence officials stated that the inclusion of Taiwan on the list put Taiwan in the same threat category as China, and may have been the product of the administration's pro-Beijing political stance.

Brown asked Reno to explain why Taiwan was added to the list, and also called for a review, and a revision if necessary, of Taiwan's place on the list.

Dr. Wen-Yen Chen, president of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs, voiced a similar request: "FAPA asks for an immediate clarification of the fact that Taiwan is considered a National Security threat to the U.S. If there are genuine reasons for this, we want more facts and an explanation. If Taiwan has been placed on the list merely because of the fact that the U.S. maintains a "One China Policy" we demand Taiwan's removal from the list!"

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