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    Scrap the One-China Policy


Heritage Foundation's Seminar -- "Rethinking One China: A fiction more dangerous than useful?" (02/26/04)

FAPA Press Release: Scholars/ U.S. Reps. Call for the end of One China Policy

FAPA President's Op-Ed on "One China Policy" Published in Taipei Times  (07/22/04)

  • TA Orgs Write White House (May 8, 2003)

(1) English Press Release         

(2) Hanji Press Release 

(3) Text of the Letter       

Other related Information  
Heritage Seminar (09/16/03)


  • HCR 166 supporting President Lee's Recent Policy Shift 

Statement from Congress

          (1)  FAPA's English News  Release

          (2) FAPA's Hanzi News Release



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