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    Letter to Attorney General From Rep. Brown

Attorney General Janet Reno                                                                            June 5, 2000

Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20530


Dear Attorney General Reno:

According to recent news reports, the United States placed Taiwan on the FBI's secret list of hostile intelligence threats, equating Taipei with aggressive spying by Beijing and Moscow.

China, Russia and Taiwan are among 13 nations designated as priorities for FBI intelligence and counterespionage activities, according to your classified memorandum dated March 8, 1999.

Based on FBI, Justice and State Department reports, you listed, in order of priority, Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbian-controlled Bosnia, Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Taiwan.

Current and former U.S. intelligence officials have said that the inclusion of Taiwan on the list appears based on the administration's pro-Beijing policies that seek to equate Taiwan in the same threat category as China.

As a Member of House of Representative International Relations, I am concerned about Taiwan’s international position and participation. I am troubled that Taiwan is on this list, especially since there are other countries known to spy on the United States not listed.

I ask you to clarify why Taiwan was chosen for this list, and urge you to review (and if called for revise) the necessity of keeping Taiwan on the list.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,



Member, U.S. House of Representatives

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