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From May 23 until May 30, 1999 Taiwanese Americans celebrate "Taiwanese American Heritage Week."

On May 3 President Clinton wrote to all Taiwanese Americans observing the last week of May 1999 as Taiwanese American Heritage week:

"Warm greetings to all observing Taiwanese American Heritage week."

"America has been continually renewed and enriched by the many different people who choose to come here and become our fellow citizens. Each brings a part of his or her own heritage, which over time becomes part of our common heritage.

As we seek to become a more united people, we must not forget our roots, for they remind us of who we are and of what we have to share with others. Americans of Taiwan descent can be proud of their roots and of their vital role in the continued growth of our nation. From business to the arts, from government to academia, they have strengthened our nation and enriched our cultural heritage."

"This observance offers us an opportunity to learn more about the outstanding contributions that men and women from Taiwan have made to our nation and the world. During this special week, let us all remember to cherish the diversity that is America's greatest strength and to celebrate the spirit of community that binds us together as one nation."

Among the endorsing Taiwanese American organizations are:

Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA)
Professor Chen Wen-Chen's Memorial Foundation

Formosan Association for Human Rights

North America Hakka Association

Taiwanese American Citizen League

North American Taiwanese Women's Association (NATWA)

North American Taiwanese Professors Association (NATPA)

North American Taiwanese Medical Association (NATMA)

Taiwanese American Association (TAA)

Taiwan Hakka Association for Public Affairs in North America

Taiwan Communiqué

Wang Kang-lu Memorial Foundation

World United Federation for Independence

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