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    TAHW 1999 - Wu's Statement in Honor of Taiwanese American Heritage Week

June 15, 1999
By: Representative David Wu (D-OR)

Mr. Speaker:

I rise today to pay tribute to Taiwanese-Americans across the country. After 50 years of a strong and mutually beneficial U.S.-Taiwan relationship, the Taiwanese-American community continues to be the bedrock of that relationship.

There are more than one half-million Taiwanese-Americans across the United States. From science and education, to politics, Taiwanese-Americans have made profound contributions to the strength and diversity and this great nation.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, which links the United States and Taiwan in friendship and cooperation. Since 1987, the Taiwanese people have possessed the right to select their own leaders, practice their religions, and speak freely. Taiwan is vibrant and democratic. The people of Taiwan and the United States share a bond in their adherence to the principles of freedom, democracy and human rights. That bond is made stronger each day by the Taiwanese-American community here in the United States.

Today, as the first U.S. Congressman born in Taiwan, I am proud to pay tribute to the contribution and commitment Taiwanese-Americans have made to the United States.

* * * * * * *

According to FAPA President Dr. Wen-yen Chen: "During the last week of May 1999 Taiwanese Americans for the first time ever celebrated Taiwanese American Heritage Week. Prior to that, all the major Taiwanese American organizations had jointly decided to designate one week in May every year as Taiwanese American Heritage Week. The week will be dedicated to recognizing and appreciating all aspects of Taiwanese-American heritage in the United States."

President Clinton stated in a letter dated May 3, 1999: "This observance offers us an opportunity to learn more about the outstanding contributions that men and women from Taiwan have made to our nation and the world."

Additionally, Senator Robert Torricelli and Representatives Nita Lowey and David Wu issued statements commemorating the Taiwanese American Heritage Week.

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