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Tuesday, June 22, 1999

     Mr. SCHAFFER.  Mr. Speaker, last month I joined people throughout Colorado and across the nation in celebrating Pacific American Heritage Month.  The Pacific American community represents an important foundation of America's future and I commend their proud celebration of heritage and community.
    Taiwanese American Heritage Week of Pacific American Heritage Month celebrates the unique and diverse contributions of the more than 500,000 Taiwanese Americans in the United States.  This portion of the population has made countless significant achievements in this country and their accomplishments can be found in every facet of American life.  For instance, Taiwanese Americans have succeeded as successful and notable artists, Nobel Laureate scientists, researchers, human rights activists, and business leaders.
    In addition to recognizing these contributions, this is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the success of democracy on the island of Taiwan.  Since 1987, the Taiwanese people have possessed the rights to select their own leaders, practice the religion of their choice, and express their thoughts openly and freely.  Taiwan is a vibrant and democratic participant in the family of nations.
     Most importantly, Mr. Speaker, Taiwanese American Heritage Week recognizes the longstanding friendship between the United States and Taiwan.  Earlier this year, I joined my Congressional colleagues in proudly celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the signing of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) into law.  The TRA is an important reminder of the strong bond of friendship between our two nations.
     Mr. Speaker, I commend the great accomplishments and contributions of the Taiwanese American community.

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