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    Statement from Rep. Chabot



May 12, 2000

I'm pleased to join so many of my friends in celebrating Taiwanese American Heritage Week. It gives us the opportunity to recognize the tremendous contributions to this nation made by Taiwanese Americans and to reflect on the great democratic strides made by our longtime friends on Taiwan.

This year is truly a milestone year for Taiwan. A new President has been elected -- a President who seeks freedom from oppression for his people and independence through self-determination for his nation. I join with my friends here in the United States in wishing our friends on Taiwan great success in their unyielding efforts to exercise their democratic rights.

So, as the Taiwanese American community continues to make substantial contributions to our society, and the Taiwanese people prepare to inaugurate a new President and enter a new democratic era, it is fitting that we take some time to celebrate Taiwanese American Heritage Week, recognizing the wonderful success story of our Taiwanese American community.


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