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    Statement from Sen. Feingold


Mr. FEINGOLD: Mr. President, this month I join Americans throughout Wisconsin and across the nation in celebrating Taiwanese American Heritage Week, honoring the many important contributions to American society of the more than half a million Taiwanese Americans in the United States. Without the contributions of Taiwanese Americans, we would lack the important AIDS research of Dr. David Ho. We would be denied the work of Nobel Laureate chemist Dr. Lee Yuan-Tse and that of the many American scientists he inspired. We would not be able to search for information on the internet by using Yahoo, co-founded by Jerry Yang. Thousands of Taiwanese Americans throughout the country have made important achievements in a wide range of sectors, including doctors, teachers, lawyers, and computer technology experts. They have improved the lives of their fellow American citizens, and they will play an integral role in our future.

Besides their many contributions here at home, Taiwanese Americans have also played a vital role in the political transformation of Taiwan. For many years, they organized letter-writing campaigns, planned marches and demonstrations, and talked to any U.S. policy-maker who would listen about their dreams for Taiwan=s future as free and democratic. Many risked arrest in -- or exile from -- their homeland as a result of their activities. The tireless work of Taiwanese Americans helped ensure the success of Taiwan=s democratic evolution, beginning with the lifting of martial law in 1987 and culminating with the first fully democratic presidential election in 1996. These are achievements that all Americans can celebrate. I join Taiwanese Americans in congratulating the winners of the March presidential elections in Taiwan.

Mr. President, Taiwanese American Heritage Week recognizes the long-standing friendship between the people of the United States and Taiwan, and celebrates our shared values. I commend the great accomplishments and contributions of the Taiwanese American community.

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