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    Statement from Rep. Lowey

Rep. Nita M. Lowey (D-NY)

Statement in Honor of Taiwanese-American Heritage Week

May 8, 2000

It is a great privilege for me to pay tribute to Taiwanese-Americans across the country as we celebrate Taiwanese-American Heritage Week.

The Taiwanese-American community is the keystone of a strong and mutually beneficial United States-Taiwan relationship. For decades, Taiwanese-Americans have advocated on behalf of United States-Taiwan friendship, and have contributed immeasurably to American society while maintaining their Taiwanese heritage.

My Congressional District in New York is particularly fortunate to have a vibrant and strong Taiwanese-American Community. And New York as a whole has benefited from the tremendous contributions of this community to the economic and cultural character of the state. The more than half million Taiwanese-Americans across the United States have made priceless contributions to our country, and organizations like the Formosan Association for Public Affairs have helped further these outstanding accomplishments.

Taiwan and the United States share a common commitment to the ideals of democracy, freedom and human rights. The 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, which formed the official basis for friendship and cooperation between the United States and Taiwan, continues to provide a strong foundation for the bond between the people of both countries. And that bond is made stronger each day by the Taiwanese-American community.

I am privileged to represent a strong Taiwanese-American community, and I am proud to pay tribute to their strength and activism during Taiwanese-American Heritage Week.

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