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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week 2000

Taiwanese American Heritage Week 2000

President Clinton has designated May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. Henceforth, each May there will be a national celebration and commemoration of the innumerable contributions that Asians and indigenous Pacific Islanders have made in American life. As Taiwanese-Americans, we have designated one week of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month as Taiwanese-American Heritage Week. This year, Heritage Week will be celebrated nationwide from May 7th to 14th.

The Heritage Week will be dedicated to recognizing and appreciating aspects of Taiwanese-American Heritage in the United States as well as to paying tribute to those who have enriched every aspect of our cultural experience with their talents, intellect, and activism.

FAPA is working with the White House and Members of Congress to release statements commending the Heritage Week. Meanwhile, we urge all to explore the significance of both Taiwan and being Taiwanese, and how that makes one an even better active American.

Please contact FAPA HQ at 202-547-3686 if you want to request a statement from your member of Congress and need some assistance.


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