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    Statement from Sen. Thompson


By Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN)

While I deeply regret that I am unable to join you and others in Knoxville this Saturday for the beginning of the Taiwanese American Heritage Week, I want you to know that I share your pride in the string ties that bind the United States and Taiwan.

Taiwan is one of America’s greatest friends and most trusted partners in the world. And Taiwan’s evolution as a free society with a robust democracy and an open-market economy serves as a shining example for others to follow. None of this could have been possible, however, were it not for the hard work, strong spirit, and ingenuity of the Taiwanese people, and their commitment to the principles and values all of us share.

Most importantly, however, our two countries are bound by the cultural, traditional and familial ties that span many generations. Taiwan-American communities across America bring richness and diversity to our country. And the achievements of Taiwanese Americans -culturally, academically, politically, and economically- are too numerous to list. It goes without saying that Taiwanese Americans have contributed enormously to Tennessee’s, and our nation’s, success, and by doing so have deeply honored their heritage and ancestry.

For all of these reasons, I especially want to commend the great accomplishments of the Taiwanese American community in Tennessee, and thank you for your longstanding contributions to our country, our state and our communities.

Congratulations once again on this very important occasion.


Fred Thompson

United States Senator

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