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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week  2001

May 18, 2001

It is my pleasure to contribute to the celebration of Taiwan-American Heritage Week. Over 500,000 Taiwanese-Americans in the United States contribute significantly each day to our social fabric.

Since the lifting of martial law in 1987, Taiwan has made consistent strides toward becoming an open, democratic society where freedoms are respected and the will of the people is observed. Today, Taiwan thrives as a dynamic democratic member of the international community. The March 18, 2000 election of opposition leader Chen Shui-bian as president, and Annette Lu as vice-president, represents the crowning achievement of the struggle of the people of Taiwan for full-fledged democracy and freedom. I am confident that, as Taiwan continues to grow, it will resist external threats to its own security, freedom and democracy, while playing a productive role in the international community.

In addition, I look forward to continuing the friendly relationship that the United States enjoys with Taiwan. The 1979 Taiwan Relations Act forms the basis for friendship and cooperation between the United States and Taiwan, bringing the people of both nations together. Taiwan-American Heritage Week gives all Americans the opportunity to express sincere appreciation for the tremendous contribution Taiwanese-Americans offer to the United States.

Having the privilege of representing a strong Taiwanese-American community in my district, it is an honor to pay tribute to the strength and activism of Taiwanese-Americans during Taiwanese-American Heritage Week.

Mark Kirk

Member of Congress

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