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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

United States Senate Congressman
George Allen
10, 2002


The Taiwanese Association of America

Greater Washington Chapter, Inc.

Post Office Box 563

West Bethesda, Maryland  20817


Dear Friends:

        ÖThis is a celebrated occasion that inspires and strengthens our nationís great history.

        Americaní history is rich in diversity and unity.  This helped shape our nationís experiences, values and traditions.  The Taiwanese heritage has provided a needed foundation of strength and inspiration, helping to build a bright future for us all.

        I applaud you for participation in this wonderful event. Your commitment to preserving the rich Taiwanese heritage gives future generations the opportunity to discover and identify with their culture.

        I wish you the best in your future endeavors.  As Americans continue to stand united in their devotion to freedom and justice, please know that I consider it a high honor and privilege to serve in the United States Senate.

With warm regards I remain.


George Allen

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