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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

Senator Max Cleland
May 9, 2002

Mr. Wen Shu Yeh

Atlanta Taiwanese American heritage Committee

430 Saddlebrook Drive

Roswell, GA  30075


Dear Friends:

        I am delighted to offer my congratulations to you as you celebrate Taiwanese American heritage Week, and to extend my warmest best wishes for a successful Taiwanese Cultural Festival.

        The Taiwanese Cultural Festival is a marvelous way of preserving rich traditions while building bridges of understanding and friendship between people.  It is important to the community that our diversity, including our cultural heritage, be embraced as a source of strength.  The Festival will further that goal and highlight that many contributions Taiwanese American have made to our nation.  I know this event will be filled with educational and fun activities for all the participants.

        Best wishes for a successful celebration!

Most respectfully,

                                                             Max Cleland

United States Senator

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