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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

Senator Jon Corzine (D-NJ)

United States Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

May 14, 2002


Ah-Lan Cheng

President, New Jersey Chapter

Taiwanese Association of America

P.O. Box 604

Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550


Dear Ah-Lan Cheng,


It is a pleasure to join with you in celebration of Taiwanese American Heritage Week. This

momentous occasion is held during the first week of Asian and Pacific Islander American (APA)

Heritage Month and is a wonderful means to honor Taiwanese Americans.


Currently, there are approximately 483,500 New Jerseyans who trace their ancestry to Asian

and Pacific Island nations. New Jersey experienced a 94 percent increase in its APA community

over the last decade. Asian Pacific Americans have been a vital part of our community and our

economic growth as a State and a nation. In order to serve all New Jersey better, I joined the

Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus my first year in office. As you may know, the current

Chair of the Caucus, Congressman David Wu, is the first member of the U.S. house of

Representatives who was born in Taiwan.


There are over half a million Taiwanese Americans in the United States today. I salute the

Taiwanese Americans of New Jersey for their social, cultural and economic contributions to our

community. The rich of diversity of New Jersey is one of our most valuable assets.


As you mentioned in your letter, many Taiwanese Americans have been involved in the

strengthening of democracy in Taiwan, the Republic of China. I applaud your efforts to bolster

democracy in Taiwan. In the last five years, Taiwan has undergone unprecedented changes in its

legislative and executive bodies. The peaceful change of government between parties is a sign of

true and enduring democracy. The continued friendship between Taiwan and the United States is

indebted to the involvement of Taiwanese Americans.


I wish you all the best during this week of Taiwanese heritage celebration. May you continue

this beautiful tradition for many generations to come.


                                              With warm regards,


                                               JON S. CORZINE

                                               UNITED States Senator


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