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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
May 7, 2002

Formosan Association for Public Affairs

Northern California Chapter

1051 Rembradt Drive

Sunnyvale, California  94087


Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure to extend my warm congratulations to the Taiwanese American community of Northern California on the occasion of the Taiwanese American Heritage Week of May 12th to May 18th.  Taiwanese Americans across the United States have made extraordinary contributions to our country in the arts, sciences, business, law, and academia, and continue to contribute immeasurably to our proud tradition of a multicultural society.

I salute the dedicated community leaders, members and volunteers who have gathered together from throughout Northern California to produce the Taiwanese Cultural Festival in commemoration of Taiwanese American Heritage Week.

I also commend you for your extraordinary efforts to enhance the link between Taiwan and the United States, to strengthen relations among ethnic groups, and to promote cultural awareness in the younger generations of Taiwanese Americans who will make great contributions to our nation.

Again, congratulations and best wishes to all my friends on this special day.


Anna G. Eshoo



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