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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

H.Res 411-TAHW Resolution



H. RES. 411

Introduced in the House of Representatives

Mr. WU submitted the following resolution;


Supporting the goals of Taiwanese American Heritage Week, and for other purposes.

Whereas May 11-18, 2002, marks the third annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week;

Whereas the annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week celebration is a vehicle to create awareness and promote the image and welfare of Taiwanese Americans in the United States;

Whereas Taiwanese American Heritage Week helps enhance a mutual understanding and consolidation among different generations of Taiwanese Americans;

Whereas the Taiwanese American community strongly sup-ports democracy, human rights, and the rule of law;

Whereas Taiwan is committed to the principles of freedom, justice, and democracy, as evidenced by Taiwan's free and open contests in local, legislative, and presidential elections;

Whereas frequent exchanges, including exchanges at the highest level of government, contribute to broadening the friendship and cooperation between the United States and Taiwan; and

Whereas the United States and Taiwan share common ideals and a vision for a peaceful and democratic 21st century:

Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives-

(1) declares that the warm relations and bilateral exchange between the people of the United

States and Taiwan should grow; and

(2) supports the goals of Taiwanese American Heritage Week and recognizes the profound importance of Taiwanese Americans to the United States.



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