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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

Congressman Mike Honda
May 18, 2002

Dear Friends,

        The celebration of Taiwanese American Heritage Week is largely devoted to building an understanding of Taiwanese American heritage, encouraging pride in Taiwanese American identity, and helping to contribute to a Taiwanese American culture ever richer in its diversity.

        In 1999, President Clinton proclaimed the last week of May as Taiwanese American Heritage Week.  He wrote:  “As we seek to become a more united people, we must not forget our roots, for they remind us of who we are and what we have to share with others.  American of Taiwanese descent can be proud of their roots that have strengthened our nation and enriched our cultural heritage.”

        It is for this reason I offer my congratulations to the Northern California Taiwanese for promoting the cultural heritage of Taiwan.  As we celebrate this day, we must look within ourselves and renew our commitment to treat each other with mutual respect.

        I join you in celebration and thank you for your contribution of today’s Taiwanese Cultural Festival, which will highlight your heritage and fellowship.


Respectfully yours,

Michael M. Honda



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