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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

TAHW Statement by Rep. McKinney (D-GA)

Taiwanese American Heritage Week Statement

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

May 12, 2002

[...] It is indeed an honor and my great pleasure to be asked to bring greetings to the [.] Taiwanese American Committee as you celebrate Taiwanese American Heritage Week. Taiwanese Americans make up a valuable and significant part of my district, and I consider it an honor to represent your community in our nations' capitol.

The [.] Taiwanese American Heritage Committee is truly an outstanding organization. Your desire to educate others about your customs and traditions is wonderful, because no matter what the problem what the problem might be, information is the answer. This week is important because when we come together, the lines of communication open and remain constant between all parties involved. During this special week, together we are able to embrace America's diversity and celebrate the spirit of community that binds us together as one nation.

Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful celebration that is well deserved.



Cynthia McKinney

Member of Congress


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