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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

Senator Paul Sarbanes
May 25, 2002

The Taiwanese Association of American

Greater Washington Chapter, Inc.

P.O. Box 563

Bethesda, Maryland  20817

Dear Friends:

        I am most pleased to extend warm greeting to all gathered for the opening celebration of Taiwanese American Heritage Week.

        We in Maryland are deeply fortunate and proud to have a thriving Taiwanese American community that has contributed immeasurably the economic, cultural, and social enrichment of our society.  This celebration of Taiwanese cultural heritage will provide a unique opportunity to share these important contributions to the entire metropolitan community.

        You can be proud of the fine work your organization has done in providing a forum in which to showcase Taiwanese history, culture, and heritage.  I wish you an enjoyable celebration and continued success and progress in the years to come.

With best regards,

Paul Sarbanes

United States Senate



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