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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

Congressman Pete Stark
May 8, 2002


Kuor Hsin Chang, Ph.D


Formosan Association for Public Affairs

Northern California Chapter

1051 Rembrandt Drive

Sunnyvale, California  94087


Dear Dr. Chang:

Thank you for the opportunity to commemorate Taiwanese American Heritage Week in Northern California.  I am confident the special week of May 12-18th will be a memorable observance to recognize the many accomplishments and contributions of Taiwanese American.

I join communities throughout Northern California in thanking the Taiwanese American for promoting peace, freedom, and democracy in our nation and throughout the world.  As Taiwanese American pause to celebrate the richness of their heritage, please continue your exemplary contributions and your fine efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  May your voices continue to be heard and your contributions felt.

All the best for a joyous celebration!


Pete Stark


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