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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

For immediate release                                                                                                              May 2, 2002

Taiwanese American Representive David Wu

Praises Taiwanese American Contributions

And Calls For Highest Level Exchanges

In a resolution marking the third annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week, Rep. David Wu (D-OR) recognized the "profound importance of Taiwanese Americans to the United States" and declared that "the warm relations and bilateral exchange between the people of the United States and Taiwan should grow."

Wu's resolution notes that "the Taiwanese American community strongly supports democracy, human rights and the rule of law" and Taiwan itself "is committed to the principles of freedom, justice, and democracy, as evidenced by Taiwan's free and open contests in local, legislative, and presidential elections."

In his resolution, Rep. Wu also stresses the importance of "frequent exchanges, including exchanges at the highest level of government," which "contribute to broadening the friendship and cooperation between the United States and Taiwan."

"Taiwanese Americans having their own Heritage Week will reinforce the reality and the understanding amongst the American public that Taiwan and China are two separate countries. And that the name of the country is "Taiwan" and nothing else!" states FAPA President Wu Ming-chi.

Wu Ming-chi adds: "Taiwanese Americans are deeply proud of being citizens of this great country and its dedication to the ideals of freedom and equality. We would like to see more equality of treatment of Taiwan by U.S. policymakers, including -as Rep. Wu pointed out- visits to Washington by the democratically elected President of Taiwan. The Bush Administration just finished taking the


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