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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

Rep. Wu's Press Release on TAHW Resolution

Press Statement by Rep. David Wu

May 2, 2002


WASHINGTON, DCCCongressman and Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Chair

    David Wu today introduced a House resolution commemorating Taiwanese American Heritage


    AAs the only member of the House of Representatives born in Taiwan, it is particularly

important to me to highlight the achievements of Taiwanese Americans,@ said Congressman Wu.

AAs a first generation immigrant from Taiwan, I know that the American and Taiwanese people

share many common values, such as democracy, the rule of law, and human rights. I hope the

resolution I introduced today will help bring more awareness of the many contributions

Taiwanese Americans have made to the United States, and further the relationship between

people in both Taiwan and America.@

    The resolution declares its support for the promotion of Taiwanese Americans= image in the

United States, and encourages frequent exchanges between the Taiwanese and the American


Taiwanese American Heritage Week is May 11-18 th .


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