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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

Mr. Thomas Hwang, Ph.D. May 23, 2002 68 Sherwood Heights Wappinger Falls, NY 121590

Dear Mr. Hwang: 

Thank you for contacting me to share your enthusiasm for the Taiwanese American Heritage Week. It was good to hear from you. During this significant week in May it is important we honor Taiwanese Americans' contributions to culture, art, music, science, medicine and to promote the image and welfare of Taiwanese Americans. With more than 500,000 Taiwanese Americans living in the United States, it is time we introduce the distinguished Taiwanese American heritage to the mainstream society and work to promote the Taiwanese American identity. This portion of the population has made countless significant achievements in this country and their accomplishments can be found in every facet of American life. In addition to recognizing these contributions, this is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the success of democracy ion the island of Taiwan. Since 1987, the Taiwanese people have possessed the rights to select their own leaders, practice the religion of their choice, and express their thoughts openly and freely. Taiwan is a dynamic, human rights-respecting democracy and the U.S. should commend the people of Taiwan for establishing a democracy and reaffirming its dedication to democratic ideals. Please know that I commend the great accomplishments and contributions the Taiwanese Americans have made to this country and as they celebrate Taiwanese American Heritage Week let us continue to recognize the long-standing friendship between the United States and Taiwan. Again, thank you for contacting me. Please continue to share your views. Sue Kelly Member of Congress


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