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    Taiwanese American Heritage Week

For immediate release                                                                    May 9, 2003 


In a House resolution, marking the fourth annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week, Rep. David Wu (D-OR) and the co-chairs of the Congressional Taiwan Caucus Reps. Robert Wexler, Steve Chabot, Sherrod Brown and Dana Rohrabacher "recognize the importance of Taiwanese Americans to the United States." 

The resolution notes that "Taiwanese Americans have made distinct and important contributions to the United States and the rest of the world in many fields, as evidenced most recently during the war with Iraq where Taiwanese Americans served in the U.S. Armed Forces." 

Every year, the month of May is designated as a month of national celebration and commemoration of the innumerable contributions that Asians and Pacific Islanders have made in American life. Every year, the week starting with Mothers' Day is designated as Taiwanese-American Heritage Week. This year, Taiwanese Americans will celebrate Taiwanese-American Heritage Week nationwide from May 11 through May 18. 

Rep. David Wu writes: "As the only Member of Congress born in Taiwan, I join the Taiwanese American community in celebrating the heritage week. At this time, it is important to recognize the community's successes, but also work to promote mutual values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law." 

Rep. Robert Wexler adds: "It is an honor and privilege to join the Taiwanese American community in celebrating Taiwanese American Heritage Week. I believe that it is incredibly important to recognize and salute the Taiwanese American community for their numerous accomplishments and for their deep commitment to the United States and its ideals of democracy, freedom and justice." 

The Heritage Week is dedicated to recognizing and appreciating aspects of Taiwanese-American Heritage in the United States as well as to paying tribute to those who have enriched every aspect of the Taiwanese cultural experience with their talents, intellect, and activism. 

In a reference to the hurdles that hi-level visitors from Taiwan (including President Chen Shui-bian) encounter when they seek to visit the United States, the introducers of the resolution state that "frequent exchanges, including exchanges at the highest level of government, contribute to broadening the friendship and cooperation between the United States and Taiwan." 

"Taiwanese Americans having their own Heritage Week will reinforce the understanding amongst the American public that Taiwan is not a province of China, but that Taiwan and China are two separate countries!" states FAPA President Ming-chi Wu.

"The call of the resolution to let Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian visit the U.S. frequently is equally important," Ming-chi Wu adds. "There is real support amongst Members of Congress to let Taiwan's democratically elected President visit the United States - including the U.S. capital of Washington, D.C. This resolution is a manifestation of that ever-growing momentum." 

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