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    Template Letter for Requesting Statements from Your Members of Congress

Dear Senator/Representative:

As the Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage Month nears this May, I am writing to inform you of the upcoming Taiwanese American Heritage Week observance, which will be held from May 11th - May 18th.  The celebration of Taiwanese American Heritage Week has been well received since the official designation by former President Bill Clinton in 1999, and I look forward to another opportunity to observe and celebrate my Taiwanese heritage.  I ask for your support of this week by issuing a letter or statement commemorating Taiwanese American Heritage Week in your district.  

With more than 500,000 Taiwanese Americans in the United States, you may have a significant  Taiwanese American population in your district.  In addition to the number of Taiwanese Americans, Taiwanese Americans also have other unique qualities.  According to the census statistics:

  • 40% of Taiwanese Americans are college graduates

  • 8% of Taiwanese American have doctoral degrees

  • 71% of Taiwanese Americans own homes

  • 48% of Taiwanese Americans, men and women, are professionals or hold managerial positions

Taiwanese Americans have made enormous contributions to the diversity and prosperity of American society. Moreover, Taiwanese Americans have consistently contributed to the promotion of democracy and security for their motherland – Taiwan.  Real security for Taiwan, and the preservation of its precious democracy, cannot be achieved without continuous help from our friends in the Congress.  Because of your support, our motherland, Taiwan has been able to sustain its democracy, freedom and security from outside threats.  Because of your support, Taiwan’s voice is heard while it strives for participation in international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

This Heritage Week observance provides us with an opportunity to learn more about the outstanding contributions men and women from Taiwan have made to our nation, and to the world.  During this special week, we are able to embrace America's diversity and celebrate the spirit of community that binds us together as one nation.  Thank you for your support.  




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