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Bogota D.C 

29 July 2004

Congressmen of The United States of America

Member of USA Congress Taiwan Caucus

Dear USA Congressmen:

In the Congress of the Republic of Colombia, we have created a Colombian Congress Taiwan Caucus, SOCOPARLAM, and this group it's integrated by important members of the Republic's Senate and members of the House of Representatives of our country.

Until today, SOCOPARLAM has been operating during two years. In our Congress plenary we have permanently supported ROC Taiwan in the political topics, like holding up the HWO-Health World Organization; or like in the different aspects or topics that are attached to the UN-United Nations Organization, towards the topic of ROC Taiwan, particularly our position has been against the attack and fight of the chinese communists over the Taiwanese people.

We, SOCOPARLAM, have presented a Law Project (bill) to the Colombian Congress, to improve current status of the Government officials of the ROC Taiwan in Colombia and to facilitate the mechanisms for commercial and trade exchange and the cooperation programs. This was signed by eighteen (18) Colombian Congress members, headed by Senators; Jairo Clopatofsky, Enrique Gomez Hurtado, Manuel Ramiro Veleasquez, Alavaro Araujo, Camilo Sanchez, and Members of the House of Representatives: Armando Benedetti, Jaime Canal, Juan Hurtado, and many others that unconditionally support ROC Taiwan.

We know that the most important organizations Pro-Taiwan in the world are your Congress USA Taiwan Caucus and FAPA-Formosan Association for Public Affairs. For that reason, we respectfully request to you to write, as soon as possible, letters to the President of Colombia, Dr. Alvaro Uribe Velez, and to our Minister of International Affairs Dra. Carolina Barco Isackson, sharing your experiences and ideas about the support that you have been giving to ROC Taiwan and also about the support that we should offer them, explaining the convenience of the support and the importance of approving the Law Project (bill) that is integrally studied today in the Colombian Congress.

Thank you for your support,


Senator of International and Defense Affairs          Senate Advisor of International  And Defense Affairs 

President of Socoparlam                                     Secretary of Socoparlam

Socoparlam - Colombian Congress Taiwan Caucus 


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