Dear Representative:

As one of your Taiwanese American constituents, I write to you today to ask you to consider joining the Congressional Taiwan Caucus now being formed.

On April 10, the 23rd anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, Representatives Wexler, Chabot, Brown (OH) and Rohrabacher will officially establish the bi-partisan "Taiwan Caucus."

We hope you will join the Caucus by calling Jonathan Katz with Rep. Wexler at x5-3001 or Kevin Fitzpatrick with Rep. Chabot at x5-2216 or Arlan Fuller with Rep. Sherrod Brown at x5-3401.

The Caucus will focus on U.S. policy toward Taiwan and provide the Administration with a perspective and advice on U.S.-Taiwan relations. The Caucus will work to strengthen U.S.-Taiwan relations and raise the level of economic and strategic cooperation between the United States and Taiwan. It will also provide Members with an excellent opportunity to participate and help shape U.S. policy in the East Asia region.

On February 1, the four co-chairs of the Caucus stated that "Taiwan, with its strong democracy and free market economy, is a national security asset in a difficult region of the world. As you are aware, Taiwan's primary security threat comes from its neighbor, the People's Republic of China, which has repeatedly threatened to forcefully re-unite the island with the mainland. We believe that the future of Taiwan must be resolved peacefully with the express consent of the people of Taiwan and free from outside threats, intimidation, or interference."

Again, we would appreciate if you would join this important initiative as well.

Thank you very much for your support for the safety and security of Taiwan.

Sincerely yours,

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