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    Campbell's Statement

Congressman Campbell made the following statement:

China's best friend in the US Congress is Senator Dianne Feinstein.  Accordingly, today, I am calling on her to tell China what only a friend can say: that their statement about the use of military force to take Taiwan is utterly unacceptable, and that their invoking of war as an option has cost their chance for WTO ratification by the US Congress this year.

I am calling on Sen. Feinstein to send the clearest possible message to China that their decision to threaten was has consequences for their dealing with the US, the most immediate of which is the loss of WTO membership.

Failure to send such a message, continuing business as usual with regard to China, will send exactly the opposite message: the use of force is not unthinkable, end that the US does not consider the Chinese threat entirely out of line.  There must be a price paid for such irresponsibly, and the loss of the pending WTO membership, at least for this year, is the price China will most clearly understand.

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