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Tokyo, Feb. 23 (CNA) The US aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk left its home port of Yokosuka on Wednesday for a two-week experimental voyage, said the Fuji television network.

Fuji TV said that the aircraft carrier may be dispatched to waters close to Taiwan if the situation across the Taiwan Strait becomes tense before or after Taiwan's March 18 presidential election.

According to the report, the Kitty Hawk had been undergoing repair work on its runway since its return to Yokosuka at the end of last year.

The report said that after the two-week experimental journey, the aircraft carrier will return to Yokosuka, and that the aircraft carrier is expected to monitor the Taiwan situation until then.

In Taiwan's previous direct presidential election in 1996, two US aircraft carriers were dispatched to waters off Taiwan to counter mainland Chinese military threats against it. (By Mike Chang & Victor Lai)

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