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    FAPA Press Release- HCR 272

For immediate release. March 9, 2000

House Resolution Supports Democratic Process in Taiwan

30 Members of the House of Representatives introduced a House concurrent resolution on March 9 dramatically underscoring Members resolve that the United States be on record as supporting Taiwan’s democracy, its democratic process, and its willingness to work “with the next democratically elected president of Taiwan.”

The resolution echoes President Clinton’s February 24 statement that the U.S. will “continue to make absolutely clear that the issues between Beijing and Taiwan must be resolved peacefully and with the assent of the people of Taiwan” by stating that it is the sense of Congress that “the United States insists that the ultimate status of Taiwan must have the express consent of the people of Taiwan and must be decided by peaceful means.”

The resolution, taking a swipe at recent threats emanating from China, states that “it is the right of the people of Taiwan to freely elect their president without any interference from the People’s Republic of China.”

The resolution commends the people of Taiwan for their dedication to democracy and for carrying out the second free, fair and democratic direct presidential election in Taiwan’s history.

“This is a clear message to China – keep your hands off Taiwan,” stated Chen Wen-yen, FAPA’s President.  “This resolution is an important statement of U.S. willingness to work with whoever is elected by the people of Taiwan.  It is warmly welcomed by Taiwanese-Americans in this country and our relatives still in Taiwan.”

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