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    FAPA Press Release

For immediate release - 2/25/00   2:15pm

The U.S. will "continue to make absolutely clear that the issues between Beijing and Taiwan must be resolved peacefully and with the assent of the people of Taiwan."  President Clinton 2/24/00

President Clinton's dramatic response to China's threats against Taiwan marks a major clarification of US policy toward the democratic island.

 ‘A new and important formulation,' is how former State Department officials characterized the phrase "with the assent of the people of Taiwan" in Clinton's statement yesterday to the U.S. Business Council.
 Previous official statements speak of "peaceful resolution" and a settlement "voluntarily agreed to by both sides," but none have been so clear about the US principle of a "veto power" by the people of Taiwan over any settlement of the Taiwan issue.  The Taiwan Security Enhancement Act, passed by the House of Representatives by an overwhelming 341-70 vote on Feb. 1st, does state, "Any determination of the ultimate status of Taiwan must have the express consent of the people on Taiwan."
 "A constant nightmare Taiwanese have suffered over the years is that a deal would be cut without their knowledge or consent putting Taiwan under China's control.  Having suffered through forty years of KMT-imposed martial law and fought for their democratic rights, the people of Taiwan can now rest assured that their assent is necessary to any settlement of the Taiwan issue.  No assent.  No deal," stated Chen Wen-yen, FAPA President.
 "By this statement President Clinton has rejected China's attempt, in its recent White Paper, to identify the Chinese and US ‘one-China policy' as one and the same," Chen noted. "The U.S. position is quite unique and FAPA thanks President Clinton for this clarification," Chen continued. "FAPA also hopes that the U.S. will support a more pro-active self-determination policy for the people of democratic Taiwan, as envisioned by the San Francisco Peace Treaty of 1951."
 "Given the escalation of China's threats, we also believe that enactment of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act will strengthen the clarity of this strongest U.S. statement to-date," Chen concluded.
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