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     Important Events in Taiwan History

Pre-1400s - Taiwan inhabited by tribes of Malayo-Polynesian aborigines
14th-18th Cent. - Hoklo emigrants from Fukien province in China begin settling in Taiwan
1500-1700 - European colonization of Taiwan; Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish
1590s - Portuguese name Taiwan "Ilha Formosa" (Beautiful Island)
1600-1800 - Hakka emigrants from Kwangtung province in China begin settling on Taiwan
1624 - Dutch establish a colony on the southern tip of Taiwan near present day Tainan
1662 - Ming Patriots Koxinga expels Dutch; uses Taiwan as base to expel Manchus from China
1683 - Taiwan militarily incorporated into Ching dynasty China by Emperor Yung-cheng
1887 - Chinese annex Taiwan, giving it provincial status. Period lasts 8 years
1895 - Treaty of Shimonoseki. China looses the Sino-Japanese war and cedes Taiwan to Japan "in perpetuity."
1895-1945 - Japanese colonization of Taiwan
1895 - Opponents of Japanese establish "Republic of Formosa." First signs of independence
1911 - Overthrow of the Ching Dynasty: establishment of the Republic of China (ROC) on the mainland
1927-1949 - Chinese civil war between Chinese Nationalists and Communists
1943 - Cairo Declaration: issued by the US, UK promising to "restore" Taiwan to China
1945 - End of World War II. Japan surrenders to Allies
1945 - Chiang Kai-shek given temporary administrative control over Taiwan "until a solution is found."
1945 - ROC signs United Nations charter and becomes founding member of the UN
1947 - 2/28 massacre: over 20,000 Taiwanese slaughtered by Nationalist troops
1949 - End of civil war. Nationalists flee to Taiwan
1949 - People's Republic of China established fictitiously claiming rule over Taiwan
1949-1987 - Martial Law in Taiwan, i.e. longest in world history; reign of terror
1950 - Korean War: US sends 7th fleet to Taiwan Strait
1951 - San Francisco Peace Treaty; legal basis for Taiwanese self-determination
1950s-1980s - Widespread human rights abuse by Nationalists
1971 - Chiang's seat in the UN given to Beijing
1972 - "Shanghai Communiqué": China and US normalize relations. US plays "China" card against USSR
1979 -  US recognizes PRC and de-recognizes ROC
1979 - US signs Taiwan Relations Act to protect the welfare and security of Taiwan
1979 - "Kaohsiung Incident": violent suppression of opposition rally
1986 - Formation of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) -Taiwan's first opposition party
1987 - Martial Law lifted and replaced by similar National Security Law
1988 - KMT appoints Lee Teng-hui President of Taiwan
1991 - Independence platform adopted by DPP
1992 - DPP gains 1/3 of seats in parliamentary elections
1993 - UN rejects ROC's membership application
1996 - Lee Teng-hui elected by popular vote as President
1996 - China holds missile tests 12 miles off Taiwan's coast
1996 - U.S. House and European Parliament pass bills endorsing Taiwan's UN membership
1997 - "National Development Conference" freezes Taiwan's provincial status


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