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    Taiwan at a Glance

Size : 13,800 sq. miles. Approximate size of W. Virginia
Location :  100 miles off China's coast between Japan and the Philippines
Capital : Taipei City
Population : 23 million: 84% Taiwanese (70% Hoklo, 14% Hakka); 14% "mainlanders" from China between '45-'49; 2% Aborigines
Urban Pop. : 58%
Language : Taiwanese; Government language: Mandarin Chinese
Literacy : 93.2%
Religion : Predominantly Buddhist, Taoist, and Protestant
Economy : Export oriented industry
Major Industries: Construction, textiles, electronics, petroleum refining, food processing, plywood, cement, and shipbuilding
Currency : New Taiwan Dollar; 1 US$ = 31 NT$
Per Cap. GDP : US$15,370
World Indicators: 13th largest trader, third largest holder of foreign reserves; 8th largest trading partner of the US
Unemployment: 1.7%
Government : Multi-party Republic
Ruling party : Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)
Opposition : Nationalists Party (KMT), Taiwan Independence Party, People First Party, New Party
Head of State : President Chen Shui-bian
Military : Active Forces: 376,000; Reserves: 1,657,000
Military Budget: US$9.5 Billion; 28% of government spending
Security Alliance:  U.S. security guarantees in the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act

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