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   Statement by Senator Sam Brownback

Statement by Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS)
On Beijing’s White Paper

March 2, 2000

The People's Republic of China's White Paper on Taiwan Affairs raises serious questions about China's desire for a peaceful resolution to Taiwan's status.  It certainly seems to indicate that hardliners in Beijing who value military development above China's economic development are beginning to dominate the direction of China's foreign policy.  This White Paper -- and the People's Liberation Army's endorsement of it is unacceptable in that it suggests the Government of China is willing to impose a solution regardless of the concerns of the Chinese people on Taiwan.

Statements like this only exacerbate regional tensions; they are unhelpful, threatening and I am very concerned about them.  It is one of the reasons I am a strong supporter of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act.  It has become a necessary and timely response to China’s heightened threats against Democratic Taiwan and I hope to see this bill come to the floor of the Senate in the near future.


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