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   Letter Campaign Drive

PLEASE NOTE THAT We no longer ask Senators to co-sponoser S. 693, for the Gilman-Gejdenson amendment overrode S. 693.  We now ask Senators to express their support for HR 1838 (By calling senator Helms or Senator Torricelli's office) which has been referred to the senate.
Victory!!  We have some more to do--

Dear friends,

As we are celebrating the victory of the passage of HR1838 in the House, there is still more to do ahead.  With the momentum generated by the overwhelming House vote, FAPA needs your continuing effort to join our campaign for the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act in the Senate.  Please use every opportunity, gathering and meeting in your local community to distribute petition letters and collect as many signatures as possible.

We have 19 cosponsors, 18 Republicans and 1 Democrat.  Here are two sample letters drafted by FAPA HQ-- one for Democratic Senators and the other one for Republican Senators.  We want to especially encourage you to personalize your letter.  Please read carefully the following instructions—

1. Find out WHO your Senators are—everyone has two Senators
2. Fill in the names of your Senators and their FAA (Foreign Affairs Aide)
3. Identify the party affiliation of your two Senators
4. Use the Republican Template for the Republican Senator
    Use the Democrat Template for the Democrat Senator
5. Please click here to find out information about your senators

Please collect the petition letters and send them back to FAPA HQ at 552 7th St. SE, Washington, DC 20003.  FAPA staff will personally deliver the letters to the Senate.

Any questions? Please email: