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    UN Campaign

Congress of the United States

House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515

September 14, 2004

Ming-chi Wu

President, FAPA

552 7th Street S. E.

Washington DC, 20003


Dear friends:

Thank you to all who gather here in support of United Nations membership for Taiwan.

For the 33nd consecutive year, the U.N. convenes its annual General Assembly without the membership of Taiwan, and once again its 23 million citizens will be denied a voice in important global matters. Although Taiwan has long played a role in world affairs, with a GNP and population larger than three quarters of U.N. member countries, it has repeatedly been denied membership.

Already, Taiwan is an active participant in international organizations as demonstrated by its participation in the Asian Development Bank, its admission as a full member to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group, and its membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

By large margins, both Houses of the United States Congress have endorsed Taiwan's participation in the United Nations. Taiwan, a country seeking peace and stability in its region, deserves the right to membership in the United Nations.



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