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September 7, 2005

Mr. Ming-chi Wu      


Formosan Association for Public Affairs

552 7th Street SE

Washington, DC 20003


Dear Mr. Ming-chi,

            I am writing to express my support to those of you who have gathered in support of United Nations membership for Taiwan.  Like you, I believe that Taiwan’s exclusion is both unfair to the people of Taiwan and counterproductive to the rest of the world.

            As the 60th session of the United Nations General Assembly convenes this week, I would like to join you and countless people the world over in calling fairness for the people of Taiwan.

           Taiwan is a stable, democratic presence in Asia, a bulwark of support for human rights and a world economic power.  It is home to a thriving multi-party democracy, with free and fair elections held at all levels of government.  Taiwan is a responsible nation that has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the well being of the international community.  It has heeded calls by the U.N. and countless individual nations to provide relief and assistance to victims of disasters and wars.  Taiwan’s generosity and humanitarian efforts have included aid for refugees in Kosovo, reconstruction in Afghanistan, food and supplies in Iraq, efforts to fight AIDS, and help for victims of disasters in El Salvador, Turkey, Nicaragua, New York City in the wake of September 11 and Hurricane Katrina last month.

            I am hopeful that the UN delegates will resist the relentless and irrational pressure of the communist regime in Beijing and accord the people of Taiwan their rightful representation in this important world body.



                                                            Tom Tancredo

                                                            Member of Congress 

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