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September 9, 2005

Ming-chi Wu

President, FAPA

552 7th Street S.E.

Washington DC 20003


Dear friends:

Greetings to all who have gathered here today in support of United Nations membership for Taiwan.

As the United Nations General Assembly convenes for its 60th session next week, I want to remind the international community that Taiwan is a free and open democratic country and a leading trading partner of the United States. However, despite this status, Taiwan continues to be denied membership to the United Nations - the most important diplomatic, political, and cultural world body.

Taiwan is not only a thriving democracy and has a prosperous economy, its 23 million people make it larger than three quarters of the existing member states of the UN. It is hard to conceive of any good reason to continue denying Taiwan admission to this vitally important and influential world organization.

Taiwan is not only a free, open and independent democracy, it is a good neighbor and friend to countries in need around the world. Time and time again Taiwan heeds the call of the UN and others for emergency assistance to countries beset by the devastation of natural disaster or war.

The people of Taiwan have demonstrated that they are responsible citizens of the world. They deserve a voice and a seat at the UN!

Sincerely yours,


Member of Congress


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