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September 7, 2007

Dr. CT Lee
President, Formosan Association for Public Affairs

Dear all who have gathered here today:

            I am writing in support of your organization's rally to gain UN membership for Taiwan. I have issued statements of support in the past, but unfortunately nothing much has changed. So I deeply regret that the United Nations continues to disregard the sovereignty of Taiwan and deny the right of self-determination to its people.

            The relationship between the United States and Taiwan continues to grow. Taiwan is an important trading partner and strategic ally to the United States. In short, Taiwan is a friend that has earned the United States' support.

            I am proud to be a member of the Congressional Taiwan Caucus, and believe there is no question that the United States must stand strong and advocate for Taiwan's independence from China and inclusion as a United Nations member state. The policy of exclusion must stop now.


Member of Congress

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