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Dear Senator

With a total of 87 co-sponsors, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed HCR390 on October 3, 2000 concluding that "it is the sense of the Congress that— (1) Taiwan and its 23,000,000 people deserve appropriate meaningful participation in the United Nations and other international organizations such as the World Health Organization; and (2) the United States should fulfill the commitment it made in the 1994 Taiwan Policy Review to more actively support Taiwan’s participation in appropriate international organizations."

The resolution was introduced on July 27 by a bi-partisan group of over 40 Members of the House of Representatives.

On October 4, the resolution was referred to the Senate and is now held on Senator Lott’s desk.

We Taiwanese Americans believe that passing this resolution sends a strong message to the international community that the 23 million people of Taiwan are eager to fully join the family of nations. We feel that Taiwan deserves and should ultimately have full U.N. membership as an independent country. But seeing this resolution passed, is, nonetheless, a big leap forward

We would appreciate if you would contact Chris Williams at 224-5312 to express your support for this resolution.


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