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U.S. Rep. Urges Senate Majority Leader

to Pass "UN for Taiwan" Resolution a.s.a.p.

For Immediate Release

October 18, 2000

On October 18, 2000, Rep. Bob Schaffer (R-CO) sent a letter to Majority Leader of the Senate, Trent Lott, urging him to place HCR390 on the Senate calender as soon as possible.

Schaffer introduced HCR390 on July 27, 2000 with over 40 co-sponsors. When it passed on October 3, the resolution enjoyed the co-sponsorship of close to 90 Representatives, i.e. 20 percent of the total membership of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In the letter, Rep. Schaffer states that a democratic and prosperous Taiwan should not be neglected by international institutions, such as United Nations, especially considering China’s continuing threats of wars towards Taiwan.

Reps. Schaffer adds: "Taiwan’s quest for self-determination is something the United States of America has traditionally and consistently supported. Unfortunately, Taiwan’s efforts to participate in the international organizations have often been thwarted for political reasons beyond Taiwan’s control. It is unreasonable for the people of Taiwan to be excluded from full participation in international institutions due to threats from mainland China."

Rep. Schaffer concludes with the request that HCR390 be placed on the Senate calender in order to secure timely passage of this resolution which was widely supported in the House. He further reinforces that the people of Taiwan have proved that democracy is not only the principle of the United States but of every nation in the whole world.

FAPA President Wen-yen Chen Ph.D. states: "The Chinese Defense White Paper which was released on October 16, and in which China refuses to denounce the use of force against Taiwan, again proves precisely that China is the main threat to regional security and stability in the Taiwan Strait. China’s bullying behavior and the current military imbalance across the Taiwan Strait put the people of Taiwan in great danger. Unfortunately, Taiwan does not have access to the UN Security Council when the situation deteriorates. Thus UN membership for Taiwan is one of the keys to Taiwan’s national survival!"

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